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Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival
Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival
October 7


Self Reliant Community

Greetings and welcome to our Self Reliant Community & Technology Incubator. We had planed an Intentional Community providing appropriate technology workshops on subjects as diverse as growing Moringa to permaculture design. Now we are focused on survivability. Today's political governance seems intent on war with everyone. People here and abroad are targets of that aggression.

Why Invest in Resiliency..

No one knows what the future actually holds, but it has become obvious to many that there may be a train wreck in our near future. It may not be an end of the world scenario, but it is almost certain to be an end of the world as we know it. Still, why not hedge your bets both ways, by owning a property close enough to the city for work and support, but far enough away to be independent if necessary. We do have space for sale.

Our society has become almost completely dependent on assumptions that plenty of cheap oil, clean water, good weather and abundant cheap food will always be available to us. But clearly that is not the case as we have seen over the past months with gas almost double and food inflation rising. There is no sustainability in any of these critical commodities or processes. It is not even worth arguing with the deniers and the bots, you have to make your own plans.

That is why we are building a Self Reliant Community at TTEV with a purpose and the intent to survive whatever comes with style and humor. We also call this “Sustainable Survivability,” and we are serious about it. And yes we have a plan and are in the process of implementing it right now. Education, reskilling, and relocalize are some of our strategies. Even if nothing bad happens in our future, it is still the best way to live.

We are also offering emergency shelters for lease. We have 11 municipal septic tanks that are completely clean and odor free after being bleached by the sun for many years. These 16' long by 8' wide by 8' tall concrete structures can be buried up to 10' below grade with heavy 8" walls. We burry these in the ground on our property and prepare them as you wish for your families' protection. If you don't know why you should invest in one of our emergency shelters, check out Suspicious0bservers space weather monitoring you tube.

As a Conservation & Educational community, it is our job, our pleasure, and our way of life to support a New Vision for living, surviving, and thriving in an uncertain world. Southeast Arizona is truly one of the most fabulous places to live on this planet. Though like everywhere else we have our own unique issues and problems. It is solving for those problems that our Self Reliant Community formed. Thus we incubate ideas, businesses, and on the ground practical Self Reliance and Resiliency practices while reskilling and relocalizing as necessary to survive in style.

Call us, come meet us, checkout our lots and plans to find out how you can become a founding member of our unique community that is beyond sustainability, about sustainable survival, and an intentional community like nowhere else. Check us out at www.ttev.org or call Dave @ 520 262-3306 to chat.

Basic map and directions are available here TTEV Map and you can click on our Master Plan below as well.

Sorry - there are no opportunities for volunteer living arrangements.

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